Government proposes federal judicial commission

The government is looking to establish a new agency that would have the power to investigate misconduct allegations against federal judges.

The Australian on Friday reported that attorney-general Christian Porter had sought legal advice on plans for the entity, which would investigate allegations of corruption and misconduct, including sexual harassment.

However, Porter said, the establishment of a judicial commission was his “second order of business” behind setting up the proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission, which will not be able to investigate judicial officers.

Dreyfus also agreed that the NSW example, as well as the Victorian Judicial Commission were suitable models. However, he questioned the decision to wait until after the Commonwealth Integrity Commission legislation has gone ahead.

“I’m just making the point that we’ve seen many announcements from Mr Morrison, many announcements from Mr Porter, and it’s very rare for this government to actually follow through on their announcements,” he said.

“I seriously doubt that the attorney-general will do anything at all about a Judicial Commission, I would welcome it if he did.”

Source: Government proposes federal judicial commission

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