Green Party Gets Child Abuse Report it Paid For

The Verita Report: What did Green Party know about child rapist?

In 2015 a child reported David Challenor to the police. In 2018 he was tried. The court heard that Challenor dressed as a little girl called Lucy whilst he strung the child from a beam in the attic of his home – the Green Party’s registered Coventry address – electrocuted and raped her.

David Challenor and his wife Tina (also a Green Party member) had three children together. There had been social services concerns for most of the children’s lives, and child protection proceedings (unconnected to this case) before the police investigation in 2015.

Aimee left care in 2014, joined the Green Party, undertook male-to-female transition, * and tells me that she returned to the the family home in 2017 – that is, after the police investigation began.

After Challenor’s conviction in August 2018, the party put out a statement announcing that David Challenor was expelled and extending support to Aimee Challenor. Members were appalled – shocked by the scandal, and horrified by the lack of empathy for the victim.

Challenor quit the Greens, joined the Lib-Dems, and updated her profile picture with the Lib-Dem logo and a furry, cuddly toy:

Both David and Aimee were associated with the triumph of extreme transgender ideology in the Green Party, Aimee moved the resolution passed at the Autumn 2016 conference: *’…the Green Party recognises that Trans Men are Men, Trans Women are Women, and that non-binary idintities exist and are valid…the green Party shall include, and push for further acceptance of transgender and non-binary people within all areas of society.”

The Challenors *participated in virulent techniques to block en masse social media critics, particularly feminists. *Aimee Challenor confirms using her own blocklist @BlockTERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists), until it was superseded by @TERFblocker.

The Independent Inquiry might also consider * alleged wider Challenor ‘interests’: involvement with ‘furry’ networks that fetishise fluffy animals and adult-infant scenarios:

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Source: Green Party Gets Child Abuse Report it Paid For

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