Hijacking the Murder of Women: Nothing is Sacred to Trans Activists


On 6th December 1989, a man called Marc Lépine walked into a mechanical engineering class at Montreal’s École Polytechnique with a semi-automatic rifle. He separated the men from the women and then instructed the men to leave. He declared that he was ‘fighting feminism’ and opened fire on the nine women who remained. He killed six of them.

Lépine then wandered the building for 20 minutes, targeting and shooting women. He murdered a further eight women before finally killing himself. His page-long suicide note made clear that his barbaric actions had been motivated purely by his hatred of women. “Feminists have always enraged me. I have decided to send the feminists, who have always ruined my life, to their Maker.

In 1991, to commemorate the female victims of that senseless massacre, the Canadian parliament inaugurated 6th December as The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

But, of course, like anything else that centres women, in recent years even this most sad and solemn occasion has been appropriate by trans-identified males who use the murder of women to colonise our sex.

In 2021 a Canadian province deemed that the best person to speak at a memorial service for these murdered women was a male.

Incredibly, they invited Anastasia Preston, a Trans Community Outreach Coordinator at an LGBTQ+ sexual health clinic, to speak at the service. Such a choice would have been wholly inappropriate whatever the circumstances. But the man they invited clearly has no empathy or respect for women. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Only a few months before the memorial service, he retweeted this.

When people expressed their outrage at this appalling insult to Lépine’s victims, CBC turned off the replies to their tweet.\

What an insult to the women murdered by a man who hated feminists, that the principal speaker at their memorial was a man who hates feminists.

Source: Hijacking the Murder of Women: Nothing is Sacred to Trans Activists

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