Hopeful anthology about the gender war

Gender-based statistics are removed in several countries. Women are renamed womb carriers or pregnant people. Yvonne Hirdman, who launched the word “gender” in Sweden, reads a new anthology and reflects on what has happened to gender research.

The book I promised to review is called, Women’s Rights Gender Wrongs. The global impact of gender-identity ideology , and is an entry in this war.

It is an anthology (ed. Kath Aiken & Sally Wainwright) which is divided into two parts. The first consists of essays/reports from women around the world about the impact “gender-identity ideology” has had in each country – for example in terms of legal systems, social policy, education and health systems.

The second part contains short reports from 35 countries around the world on how the country in question lives up to the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights, a declaration that requires CEDAW, the Women’s Convention, to be confirmed. 1

So what is the book about? The title trumpets its thesis: that women’s rights – as women – are threatened or have already been curtailed or sidelined by an ideology that does not recognize biological sex as a basis for rights, but replaces this with an experience, a sense of identity.

[S]o the core of this movement that leads away from woman/sex to gender according to the book’s author: to de-biologize motherhood, to be able to become a “generic” mother or father.

“Exploitation of reproduction is at the core of the post-queer agenda and appropriation of women’s reproductive capacity is at the core of patriarchy”.

Neither Beauvoir nor we (at least I) ever denied the existence of sex: the vagina, the breast, the X-chromosome. What we denied was that these biological characteristics created collective female characteristics. This attribution of stereotypical gender characteristics emanates directly from biological functions: if you have a vagina, you are predestined to scrub toilets – the kind of idiocy that has kept women under the tyranny of the cutting blankets. So simple.

Source: Parabol | Hoppfull antologi om genuskriget

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