How A Handful Of Billionaires Created The Transgender “Movement”

Bilek spent her life on the Left, but now she says that she is in the “political wilderness,” reporting on the biggest cultural story of our day while progressives ignore it or cover it up.

Bilek is doing something that journalists used to do instinctively: following the money. What she has uncovered is a bombshell that reveals the extent to which the transgender phenomenon has been created by super-wealthy LGBT donors who have a dark and sinister agenda. Her journalism supplies the missing pieces needed to complete the picture of how and why the transgender movement so swiftly achieved cultural dominance. Bilek kindly agreed to an interview in which she shared what she has uncovered thus far.

To what extent are the cultural shifts we’ve seen in the past few years astroturfed by big donors?

The cultural shifts we see today regarding gender identity are largely influenced by huge capital inflows from governments, philanthropists, corporations, and investment management and accounting firms like Blackrock and Ernst & Young.

Both the money and the ideology come out of the medical-tech sector, which is itself being integrated into culture through a philanthropic structure that has been attached to the LGBT civil rights political apparatus.

[Discussion of Pritzker family, Jon Stryker and Arcus Foundation, Gill Foundation, tech giants and mainstream media.]

How has big money impacted the trajectory and influence of the transgender movement?

I prefer to characterize this phenomenon as an industry rather than a movement. The focus lies on the creation of synthetic simulacrums of human reproductive characteristics, marketed for profit and human engineering. Contrary to a genuine human rights movement for the marginalized, synthetic sex characteristics are a corporate illusion.

What are the primary goals and motives of those pouring their money into LGBT organizations?

The strategic linking of an agenda aimed at deconstructing reproductive sex with a civil rights movement centered on same-sex attraction was pure genius—a metaphorical fox in the henhouse, but dressed as a hen.

With the development of injections capable of altering our DNA, there is apparent potential for profitability in treating the human body, fetuses, and women’s reproductive organs as canvases for technological interventions. The tech reproduction industry seems like a harbinger of a future in which reproduction without copulation or gestation may be the norm. The gender identity narrative serves these marketing ventures as it reduces our wholly sexed humanity to commodities.

Who are some of the most significant contributors to the transgender movement?

Gilead Sciences emerges as a leading supporter of LGBT issues, with other notable contributors including George Soros’ Open Society, Gill, Arcus, Ford, Astraea, Tides, Evelyn and Walter Haas, David Bohnett, Wells Fargo, and Pride Foundations. These entities are prominent funders of the agenda to deconstruct human reproductive sex.

Martine Rothblatt stands as another influential figure in this societal transformation. . . . Describing himself as ‘transhuman,’ Rothblatt advocates for human augmentation that challenges traditional concepts of sex. This includes advocating for the melding of humans with AI, virtual reality, tech reproduction, and other transformative technologies.

With LGBT organizations receiving enormous infusions of cash from financial backers, how can small, grassroots groups push back?

By reframing the narrative away from human rights for the marginalized towards rights for those attempting to disown their humanity, we can offer a fresh perspective. Gender rights, in this context, serve as the political groundwork for the burgeoning rights discourse surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) or cyborgs in their early stages.

Source: How A Handful Of Billionaires Created The Transgender “Movement”

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