How AIDS charities are erasing gay men | The Spectator Australia

An HIV+ gay man claims to have been denied counselling by an AIDS charity because he openly refuses to include females in his dating life.

I know for a fact that the business model of gay clubs and saunas in Melbourne is starting to falter under the regulatory legal pressure to accept females as males. With self-ID and gender identity protections, there is no longer any way in Melbourne for a proprietor to secure a venue, even one they pay rent on, for the exclusive meeting of male homosexual people. I also know that some private operators are fighting this with the full knowledge that the fight is almost certainly futile.

Any application to human rights bodies to exclude trans-identified females from a single-sex male venue in Victoria, or any state with ‘self ID’, will likely face the same issue that Jessica Hoyle faced in Tasmania.

In the UK some gay men have said that they are again meeting underground, sometimes literally, in basements, where there is no pressure to negotiate mix sexed dating.

Source: How AIDS charities are erasing gay men | The Spectator Australia

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