How ‘gender’ made a muppet of Nicola Sturgeon

Firstly – a quick reminder: Despite polling data showing overwhelming opposition to self ID, the Scottish parliament, led by a Scottish National Party (SNP) and Scottish Greens power-sharing agreement, passed the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill on December 22, 2022, voted in by 100 percent of Liberal Democrat and Scottish Greens MSPs, 90 percent of Labour MSPs, 86 percent of SNP MSPs and 11 percent of Conservative MSPs. The bill lowers the age people can change their legal gender from 18 to 16, reduces the waiting time from two years to six months, from application to obtaining a gender certificate, and removes the requirement of a medical diagnosis.

However, even though the bill has not yet become law – the UK government has blocked it from receiving royal assent – it has quickly unraveled to become, perhaps, the most foolish, vanity-led piece of legislation that any government has ever introduced.

1. The Isla Bryson case

Just a few working days after the bill was passed, the trial began at the High Court in Glasgow, of Adam Graham, accused of raping two women. Adam, a large, short-haired man with Mike Tyson-style tattoos on his face, turned up to court wearing a wig and women’s clothing, and announced his name was now Isla Bryson.

The court agreed to not use his real name and refer to him by she / her pronouns.

He was found guilty of raping both women and was immediately sent to a women’s prison.

2. The Tiffany Scott case

Andrew Burns has multiple convictions of assault, vandalism and resisting arrest, and in 2013, while in custody for attacking a nurse, stalked a 13-year-old girl from his prison cell.

During his time in prison, he went by several names. These included “Mighty Almighty”, a name that was even used to refer to him during one of his trials, as well as “Obi Wan Kenobi” and “Tiffany Scott”, this last being, of course, his ‘female’ identity.

Unbelievably, when he took on this last name, his application to move to a women’s prison was approved.

3. The Katie Dolatowski case

Katie Dolatowski is a 6 foot 5 inches man who in 2018 sexually assaulted two girls, aged 10 and 12, in women’s toilets of different supermarkets in Fife.

Incredibly, despite the serious nature of the crimes, and a court being told in 2018 that he posed a moderate risk of reoffending, he was not sent to jail but instead placed in a hostel for vulnerable female offenders, where he breached imposed community payback orders by failing to attend appointments, something that at the time was mostly ignored by the media.

However, in late 2022, he was found guilty of breaching imposed sex offender notification requirements to inform the police of any new addresses, and was briefly sent to Scotland’s only women’s prison.

4. The Amy George case

In February, Andrew Miller, who goes by the name Amy George, was arrested for, and then charged with, abducting an 11-year-old girl and sexually assaulting her, as well as other child sexual abuse charges.

The reporting by the media and Police Scotland of the arrest highlighted the farcical nature of self ID.

5. The Harryetta Thompson case

‘Disturbed and very volatile’ Harryetta Thompson (Harryetta!) was recently moved to Scotland’s only women’s jail, and it hasn’t worked out well.

In February 2023 his fellow inmates overheard him on the phone revealing that he was a paedophile, and he was placed in segregation over fears to his safety.

6. The Pickle Bee case

When the Scottish parliament passed the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, several MSPs turned to a group of men dressed in women’s clothing and applauded them. One of them was co-convener of the Rainbow Greens, Jack / Beth ‘Pickle Bee’ Douglas. One Lib Dem MSP even went as far as to say he fought for the bill specifically for Pickle Bee.

However, within days, allegations emerged of Douglas’ violent past, including claims of sexual assault.

7. The Nicola Sturgeon case

For the first time the mainstream media began challenging Scotland’s leading politicians on transgender issues, and they were incapable of providing a coherent defence.

Sturgeon quickly became a laughing stock all over the world.


Source: How ‘gender’ made a muppet of Nicola Sturgeon

One thought on “How ‘gender’ made a muppet of Nicola Sturgeon”

  1. To reach this level of insanity requires a level of wilful blindness on the level of German civilians in WW2 who refused to see the sudden absence of their Jewish neighbours. However the crucial difference is that the only threat to ‘seeing’ this madness is loss of income or loss of votes.

    That responsible people are too scared to do this indicates that moral courage is in short supply.

    I do not believe that the majority of the population really thinks that a man in a dress, with or without a penis, is a real woman. It’s absurd.

    The politicians who are pushing this line are corrupt and need replacing. The medical, allied health and pharmacy companies pushing this line need to be held responsible… unfortunately there are no adults in charge any more.

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