How progressive misogyny works

But this is how progressive misogyny works: you campaign vigorously for the rights of a tiny minority of people, ignoring the voices of the many women who say ‘hang on a minute’. You pat each other on the back for saying things like ‘trans rights are human rights’. I agree. So are women’s rights. The holier-than-thous discuss my gracelessness. It’s true I am not very ladylike but when rights collide we negotiate, surely?

Progressive misogyny, you see, doesn’t recognise women as a class at all; a class whose employment rights need protection. Not believing in a religion is not a hate crime, however much you chant the mantras at me.

You can say the word ‘-intersectionality’ as much as you like but, if you do, then defend Raquel Rosario Sánchez, the 29-year-old doing a PhD at Bristol on men paying for sex, who has been bullied for two years because she attends Woman’s Place meetings. Disciplinary hearings were closed down when balaclava-wearing trans activists appeared. Students yelled verbal attacks at ‘Terfs’, chanting: ‘SCUM! SCUM! SCUM!’

Gay men I know are rightly worried about the homophobia inherent in some trans activism. Wouldn’t you rather have a daughter than a gay son? Look at Turkey or Iran if you dare. We now have Stonewall supporting the right for trans women to bust the skulls of natal women playing rugby.

Source: How progressive misogyny works | The Spectator

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