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Briskin and Maggipinto are asking that something conventional medicine would treat as normal – the fact that they can’t gestate a baby, because both of them are male — be viewed not as a natural limitation but a healthcare issue deserving of treatment.
‘Most people, gay or straight, who resort to surrogacy do so to satisfy their longing to love and care for a child. We should recognise that this is at root a deeply human desire. But if love is the glue that holds human communities together, it can also drive choices with wider negative impacts. Surrogacy, and particularly surrogacy as a “cure” for normal biological limitations, is such a choice.
It opens the door to a limitless, profit-driven drive to deregulate the human organism — a drive that will, in the last count, mostly benefit Big Biotech. And this pathway only stays in the warm light of love and normalcy for a few steps. After that, we’re into the realm of monsters: mutilated children, human/animal chimeras, gamete and organ harvesting and medical experimentation, to name but a few already-existing examples.
If we continue down this road, gay men and women will end up losing the (only recently acquired) right to be naturally gay. And if this is bad enough, it will come to seem trivial next to the triumph of commercial biomedicine, and the swarm of protean horrors that comes slithering in its wake.’

Source: How surrogacy is transforming medicine – UnHerd

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  1. Not wanting in any way to sound woke or CRT’ish but what we are talking about here is the colonisation of mother nature…

    Just in my lifetime I have seen almost the ‘extinction’ of people with hunch backs and spina bifida as they are weeded out in utero via ultra sound detection and then abortion. What if they were the next Einstein?

    Are we going to clone gay men now so they can have bio babies together? what will the outcome of a child be who literally has no mother?

    We have a desire now to be happy ‘all the time’. A right even.

    A right to have children even though we cannot have them due to our gender?

    Are there no limits?

    A right to be a woman if a man and vice versa.

    A right to demand certain medical intervention.

    The ethics worry me…

    And if you question it you are phobic in so many ways. TERF is only one..

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