How we failed Bill Clinton’s accusers.

Paula Jones, who reached an $850,000 out of court settlement with Clinton after she accused him of exposing his penis and demanding oral sex when he was governor of Arkansas in 1991, wonders if there is genuine remorse among the “liberal women” who disparaged and demeaned her two decades ago.

Juanita Broaddrick finds little comfort in her account of being raped by the former president finally receiving wider backing from some quarters over her claims. . “This great epiphany that should have occurred 20 years ago, coming about now, I should feel ecstatic about it. But I don’t. I feel very disappointed that they waited two decades to do this,” she told Fox News.

Amazingly, we are now at a cultural moment where many women (and some men) are courageously coming forward to tell stories about harassment. The #MeToo movement teaches that sexual abuse and harassment are far more prevalent than previously acknowledged.

Are we finally learning to recognize the abuse of power wherever it may happen? This rises above party politics. Instead of questioning the motivations of the accusers, we should listen to them. Let them tell their stories. I hope that more will speak up when they see sexual harassment or the abuse of power. Only then can we end our shameful culture of silence.

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