How women in Israel and Palestine are pushing for peace — together

The joint Women Wage Peace-Women of the Sun initiative unites Israeli and Palestinian women calling for peace. The international community should elevate their voices.

Following the Hamas attack, Women Wage Peace posted an image of a bloodied dove on their social media feed.

A week later, the movement issued a full statement on the rapid escalation of violence in Gaza:

“Every mother, Jewish and Arab, gives birth to her children to see them grow and flourish and not to bury them. That’s why, even today, amid the pain and the feeling that the belief in peace has collapsed, we extend a hand in peace to the mothers of Gaza and the West Bank.”

This was undoubtedly a difficult statement to write through their grief and anguish.

But this statement of cross-community solidarity — steadfastly insisting on peace in the face of war — is emblematic of the power and resolve of feminist anti-war collective action.

If our national commitment to women, peace and security and our feminist foreign policy means anything at all, we must stand together for human rights and justice and endeavour to elevate the many voices of solidarity and peace.

Source: How women in Israel and Palestine are pushing for peace — together

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