Humiliation for Stephanie Hayden  Daily Glinner

In mid-July, I was informed that trans-activist Stephanie Hayden had launched yet another legal action, this time against Adrian Yalland – which (according to Adrian’s calculations) is the 24th such legal action Hayden has brought. Adrian is apparently the 28th person Hayden has sued for harassment, libel or both. Some, like me, Hayden has targeted more than once.

Adrian therefore prepared an Application to have the court strike-out the claim, to be heard at the same time as Hayden’s Application for an injunction against Adrian, which was so restrictive, it would never be granted, as it was a blatant attempt to prevent Adrian assisting other people Hayden is suing.

Hayden was told his own conduct was under scrutiny and that it was “ironic” Hayden was seeking to use the law to silence Adrian, whilst using social media to repeatedly target Adrian for abuse and harassment. The judge said Hayden was quite used to “dishing it out”, the inference being he was not a victim of harassment.

Source: Humiliation for Stephanie Hayden – The Daily Glinner

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