Hunger and poverty affecting more women than men, new study finds 

Around the world, the hunger gap between women and men is rising, with at least 150 million more women going hungry than men in 2021.

According to a new report from international aid organisation CARE, the world-wide food security crisis has been exacerbated by climate change, the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — widening the gap between the number of women going hungry compared to men.

The latest CARE report, written by Miriam Selva and Emily Janoch from the US branch, showed women were critical players across all levels of food production, despite experiencing more hunger than men.

Investing in female farmers has improved food security, while female controlled crops have corresponded with an increase in overall household food consumption.

Though women are often not recognised as farmers, their land ownership is connected to income growth and improved child nutrition.

Women in rural areas suffer a “triple burden” of being productive, bearing the responsibility for unpaid care work, and connecting communities.

“Gender equality is highly connected to food security at a local, national, and global level,” the report stated. “The more gender inequality there is in a country, the hungrier people are.”

“The less gender inequality there is, the greater the food security,” the report concludes.

Source: Hunger and poverty affecting more women than men, new study finds 

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