HUNTER: Trans killers, baby rapists terrifying female inmates

Madilyn Rebecca Harks, formerly Matthew Ralf Harks, 36, a serial sex offender has terrorized female inmates at a number of prisons.(Peel regional Police handout)

There are 200 women behind the 2.4-metre-high barbed-wire fences at the Grand Valley Institute.Most are the products of shattered and abusive homes, violent relationships, drugs and bad choices.

One of the changes that came about in the early 1990s was the recognition that most incarcerated women were there for non-violent drug crimes. Mostly, they were addicts themselves.

CSC also recognized that women’s children should play a role in their rehabilitation.

Now, Mason said the caged women are terrified to have their children around because of the newly arrived child sex predators.

“It’s sickening that they can get away with putting pedophiles in minimum security units [not at Grand Valley] where the mother-child program are,” she said.

Source: HUNTER: Trans killers, baby rapists terrifying female inmates | Toronto Sun

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