I Hit #PeakTrans By Treating Transgender Sex Offenders

They can’t come for my job, I’m in a gender critical organization, so I’ll speak. I’ll be one of the ones to say, we got this wrong. We need to go back. We need to re-evaluate how we treat gender non-conforming children with personality disorders or with ASD. We need to be much more careful with what medications we are willing to give to children. We should hold the medical community accountable for their years of careless experimentation on vulnerable children and put on full display the damages they have caused. The pharmaceutical industry also needs to be exposed, including how much money they are making off of this, how much they pay to social influencers on youtube and other social media services to continue the narrative and influence more young children. We need to examine how much they lobby the government for legislation for the T agenda which is causing a great deal of harm to an entire generation of vulnerable children, closeting an entire generation or two of lesbians, and silencing women all over the world.

Source: I Hit #PeakTrans By Treating Transgender Sex Offenders – Gender Heretics.org

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