If Anyone Can Be A Woman, Then No One Is a Woman

The transgender movement is before the Supreme Court of the United States, seeking a redefinition of the term “sex” under Title VII.

The EEOC is asking the Supreme Court to judicially amend the word “sex” to include “transgender status.” The funeral home company disagrees with this radical redefinition, and asks the Supreme Court to enforce the original congressional definition, which they describe as “biological sex, something fixed and objectively ascertained based on chromosomes and reproductive anatomy.”

As of today, 95 amici briefs representing different interest groups have been filed with this case. Amici briefs are legal memoranda to showcase a special-interest position in a case pending before the Supreme Court. Ninety-five is a large number of special interest groups, even by Supreme Court standards.

Real proponents of women’s rights should be very worried. The legal theory peddled by the EEOC will demolish the discrimination protections drafted by Congress to protect women.

American women only obtained the right to vote in 1920. Sex was deemed by Congress as a special, protected class decades later in 1964 due to public recognition of centuries of discrimination against females throughout the globe. Congress sought to even the playing field with Title VII. This protection is now on the line. Why? Because the idea of “gender identity” obliterates the concept of female sex entirely. Female is shifted from objective legal fact to subjective opinion and speculation. If anyone can claim to be a female, then the laws forbidding discrimination against women are rendered entirely meaningless. If anyone can be a woman, then no one is a woman. To embrace “gender identity” necessitates an abolition of special protections for our women and girls.

Source: If Anyone Can Be A Woman, Then No One Is a Woman

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