I’m a Female Powerlifter. Women’s Sports Are for Females

Females are being displaced by males in athletic competitions across this nation and around the world. Biological males have punched women out, collected their medals and pushed them off victory podiums. The only women I know who are challenging this injustice through legal means are female student-athletes and their mothers.

This led me to launch Save Women’s Sports, a diverse coalition that seeks to preserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation in women’s sports. I’m something of an accidental activist—a mom and amateur athlete who cares about the future of women’s opportunities. You don’t need to be religious or politically active to believe that women’s sports should only be for adult biological females.

Many women are afraid to speak up. They risk losing sponsorships, relationships and jobs. But courage begets courage. That’s why I invite current and former female NCAA and professional athletes to stand up, speak up and sign their support for women’s sports.

Speaking up for women’s sports might get you in some hot water. But like First Lady Roosevelt quipped, that is when we’ll show our strength. Together, we can save women’s sports.

Source: I’m a Female Powerlifter. Women’s Sports Are for Females | Opinion

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