I’m coming out — as a gender critic

Contrary to the myths and smears, gender critics agree that transgender people, like all human beings, deserve human rights, civil rights, equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination.

Gender critics do NOT:
-oppose trans rights
-hate and fear transgender people
-deny that transgender people exist
-invalidate transgender people’s ‘identities’

We are not fascists, bigots, fundamentalist Christians, or far right fanatics.
We are whistleblowers, drawing attention to the concerted ideological attack which is being waged upon the rights, wellbeing and safety of female people and children.

It is impossible to fight for the rights and protections of female people if we deny that sex difference exists, or that it matters, and even more so if we insist that the very definition of woman must be rewritten to include males.

Women’s prisons house male prisoners who ‘identify as’ women — even after they’ve raped women and children. Domestic abuse shelters accommodate male domestic abusers — if they ‘identify as’ women. Males win women’s cycling events. Males lead the Women’s March. Males lead Amnesty’s Women’s History event.
This needs to stop.

Source: I’m coming out — as a gender critic – Bea Jaspert – Medium

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