In a groundbreaking verdict last week, a jury in Texas awarded $1.2 BILLION to a victim whose sexual images and videos were uploaded without consent to Pornhub and other websites.

Yes, you read that right– $1.2 BILLION.

The woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” had dated a man named Jamal Jackson Marques for four years before their relationship ended in 2021. It was then that her nightmare began.

Jackson proceeded to terrorize Jane by uploading nude images and videos online. In some cases, he included Jane’s name and home address in the titles and descriptions of the videos. Jackson also sent messages and emails containing links to the criminal content to Jane’s friends, family, and coworkers.

Trial evidence showed that Jackson intended for Jane’s pain to last “forever,” as he wrote: “[Y]ou will spend the rest of your life trying and failing to wipe yourself off the internet… Happy Hunting.”

That devastation is something the jury clearly understood. After 30 minutes of deliberation, the jurors returned with the shocking verdict: Jane was awarded $1.2 billion for what she endured.

The enormous verdict also suggests that the lawsuits filed against Pornhub/MindGeek on behalf of hundreds of victims could bankrupt the Pornhub/MindGeek Criminal Enterprise.

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