In #MeToo, we need to call out gay men’s misogyny as well

It isn’t only straight men who engage in sexual harassment and assault, and it’s time for them to be accountable.

That gay men sexually harass or assault women like this demonstrates the result of the objectification of women in our society.

Anyone who has seen a drag performance can’t fail to see that it is, like blackface, a “womanface” parody of the femininity most women feel they have no option but to perform.

Gay public figures too often contribute to cultural misogyny in similar ways straight men have, historically. On April 10th, Dr Christian, the gay “celebrity doctor” who hosts Embarrassing Bodies, a British reality TV show, tweeted that “mothers knowing about motherhood” was “a frightening and dangerously deluded assumption.” This message is what underlies the endemic misogyny women face at the hands of the medical industry, where our understanding and experiences are routinely undermined, as women are not viewed as “experts” on our own bodies and reproductive function.

Unquestionably, gay men still suffer discrimination. To be effeminate or attracted to other boys at school is to be ridiculed and ostracized. But, for the most part, it is not women who humiliate and shame men because they are threatened by homosexuality — it is other men and boys. Yet still, too many gay men kick back against women rather than at the straight men. Women remain an easier target — one that will gain gay men power, rather than further marginalize them.

Source: In #MeToo, we need to call out gay men’s misogyny as well

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