Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework – Parliament of Australia

On 15 March 2023, pursuant to section 7(c) of the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011, the Attorney-General referred to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights the following matters for inquiry and report by 31 March 2024:

  • to review the scope and effectiveness of Australia’s 2010 Human Rights Framework and the National Human Rights Action Plan;
  • to consider whether the Framework should be re-established, as well as the components of the Framework, and any improvements that should be made;
  • to consider developments since 2010 in Australian human rights laws (both at the Commonwealth and State and Territory levels) and relevant case law; and
  • to consider any other relevant matters.

The committee invites submissions by 1 July 2023 in relation to these matters, and in particular:

  • whether the Australian Parliament should enact a federal Human Rights Act, and if so, what elements it should include (including by reference to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s recent Position Paper);
  • whether existing mechanisms to protect human rights in the federal context are adequate and if improvements should be made, including:
    • to the remit of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights;
    • the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission;
    • the process of how federal institutions engage with human rights, including requirements for statements of compatibility; and
  • the effectiveness of existing human rights Acts/Charters in protecting human rights in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Queensland, including relevant caselaw, and relevant work done in other states and territories.

Source: Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework – Parliament of Australia

One thought on “Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework – Parliament of Australia”

  1. The chair of the joint committee Josh Burns is ominous given his distorted take on the women’s sex based rights movement and recent LWS event. One known TxxF on the committee Jacinta Price.

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