Inquiry into Women’s Pain

Key messages

  • The Inquiry into Women’s Pain will provide recommendations to inform improved models of care and service delivery for Victorian girls and women experiencing pain in the future.
  • Submissions for the Inquiry into Women’s Pain open 30 January 2024.

Chronic pain affects a higher proportion of girls and women than men around the world; however, women are less likely to receive treatment. Research has also shown that women generally experience more recurrent pain, more severe pain, and longer-lasting pain than men.

Medical gender bias routinely leads to a denial of pain and therefore, lack of pain relief and associated treatment for women. This occurs for various health conditions, including cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and autoimmune conditions.

We will consult broadly through:

  1. Written submissions from consumers, clinicians, and health service organisations from 30 January to 12 March.
  2. Engage Victoria survey in late March 2024 to hear from those with lived experience of pain, and healthcare workers who provide pain services, care and treatment.
  3. Focus groups in mid-2024 with healthcare workers, people with lived and living experience of pain, and key stakeholders.

Source: Inquiry into Women’s Pain

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