Insuring Rights for “Wrong” Bodies – Public Discourse

As a recent British court decision correctly affirmed, the puberty blocking treatments being given to gender-dysphoric young people constitute experimental medicine.

So why do insurers pay, even after studies on experimental research demonstrate the outcomes are poor?

Currently, there are over 37,000 GoFundMe campaigns actively seeking resources for “top surgery.” I’ve tracked them for the last month, and 1,000 new appeals were added in just two weeks’ time. The vast majority of these are young women seeking double mastectomies to appear as transmen or non-binary (a few transwomen seeking breast augmentation are sprinkled in). At a minimum cost of $10,000 per surgery, that means in the past several years, tens of thousands of young women have collectively sought to raise $370 million dollars to amputate their healthy breasts. Many of the appeals seek costs for co-pays, travel, and other expenses because their surgeries are covered by insurance.

I wonder if these young girls are informed that up to 30 percent of women end up experiencing Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome, which can be chronic and debilitating, after what in any other circumstance is considered a “traumatic amputation.” From the GoFundMe group alone, perhaps 11,000 young women will get more than the ability to pose topless as transmen on Instagram, more than a temporary “gender euphoria.”

We are sacrificing young healthy bodies on the altar of the autonomous self. Is there a billable code for that? No matter who is paying, the price is too high.

Source: Insuring Rights for “Wrong” Bodies – Public Discourse

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