International Conference about Surrogacy at the Czech Parliament

On November 21, 2023, an international conference on surrogacy was held at the Parliament of the Czech Republic, on the initiative of three female members of parliament: Ms. Romana Bělohlávková, Ms. Nina Nováková and Ms. Pavla Golasowská.

Olivia was born of a surrogacy performed by French parents in the United States. Based on her own story, she explains how she has always suffered from the wound of abandonment caused by the separation from her birth mother.

• For her, surrogacy is always harmful to the child, even in cases such as hers, where the surrogacy went “well” in terms of the criteria considered to be those of a “good” surrogacy: a surrogacy carried out in the United States, well-off intended parents able to provide their daughter with good educational conditions, no disputes either during the pregnancy or at birth between the surrogate mother and her intended parents.

• And yet, Olivia, the child born of this “successful” surrogacy, has suffered a lifetime of anxiety, depression, and addiction caused by this abandonment, and now finds that the weight of this burden is being passed on to the next generation, not sparing her children.

• Her message to members of parliament is clear: there is no such thing as a good surrogacy, and there is never any justification for forcing a child to be born to separate it from its birth mother.

• It doesn’t matter whether or not the birth mother is genetically linked to the child, because the child doesn’t have the capacity for this kind of reflection: the woman who bore him is the only one he knows, and separation leaves him with an unfathomable void that the intended parents are unable to fill, no matter how devoted they may be.

Source: International Conference about Surrogacy at the Czech Parliament

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