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Men have always been colonialists; womanhood and feminism were simply the next frontiers. My mind clouded over with dread as I realized how naïve I’d been at my failure to recognize this male rights movement that had infiltrated feminism and turned us against ourselves. I grew anxious at the thought of the many women in my groups who have no idea that we are being played. I thought back to the first woman that I saw expelled from the feminist group – the one who misgendered the trans woman in the news (a trans woman we all clearly knew was male) – she’d refused to play along, and therefore was a threat to the new order of feminism.
Who were the group administrators who had doled out their justice so swiftly and succinctly? I decided to look into it, checking out the personal profiles of the main admins. What I found in plain sight was that behind the name of the main admin was someone with short hair, very low body fat, ripped arms, and an unmistakably male jawline.
What I and so many other women had thought was a ‘safe space’ to discuss our concerns for the rights, safety, and dignity of women, was a discussion group being heavily censored by a man.
And so, I spent the next three months, despite feeling a profound sense of hopelessness, doing intensive research into the trans rights movement, studying their arguments and putting them to the test of critical thinking, before taking any definitive position on the subject. I soon discovered their opposition – a growing underground movement, known as ‘gender critical feminism’. However, the movement doesn’t often make it onto mainstream liberal social media news feeds, because it is so heavily censored and because its proponents are forced into anonymity and off-mainstream sites. Female erasure – the oppression of women’s voices – redefining the very concept of woman itself to mean something other than ‘adult human female’ – this is the existential threat to feminism.
We are on the precipice of losing our sex-based rights as adult human females! In a short matter of time, the word ‘sex’ will be replaced by ‘gender’, and ‘female’ will include those who simply identify as females, in all legal applications. With no objective reality with which gender is based, the word ‘women’ becomes meaningless. Laws that once enabled women to gather without the presence of males are disintegrating with every new nuance of gender identity ideology and alteration of the law. Our legal right to sovereignty is met with charges of ‘discrimination’ from those who were born male but self-identify as female. Our right to protect ourselves and our children is labeled as ‘oppressive’ to men. And, as language is changed in favour of gender ideology, we are no longer to speak of and name our own oppression. If being unable to gather without your oppressors present isn’t oppression, I can’t imagine what is.

Source: International Women’s Day and the Existential Threat to Feminism | Women Are Human

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