Interview with Scott Newgent

[T]ransgender health is the gravitative new revenue channel that is drawing in  the horrible surgeons and physicians and mental health professionals. You can be dangerously terrible at what you do,  jump into this arena, and you have a line of people wanting to see you, you have LGBT organisations protecting you from lawsuits and politicians that don’t have the guts to stand up and say this is wrong.

The facts are that Lupron is not FDA approved to treat children with gender dysphoria. I believe the reason they are not pursuing FDA approval is that it will let the cat out of the bag, and an immediate stop order would ensue, preventing Lupron being administered to gender-confused children.

When a transition is over, it forces you to look into the mirror and analyze the positives and the negatives, and it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Problems that were eliminated by medical transition are replaced with different issues, and more often than not, medically transitioning is too high a price to pay.

I believe that social media is being used by huge corporations to influence homosexual youth to medically transition and, they are fucking marketing geniuses at it. They not only are affecting these kids they are influencing ignorant adults who believe this is about rights to stand up for and push children to medically transition. I can see people in a hundred years time saying, “How in the fuck did that happen.”

(ed: let’s hope that happens sooner)

Source: Interview with Scott Newgent

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