Is Transgenderism Just the Milgram Experiment Hiding Behind a Veneer of “Kindness”?

Stanley Milgram, born in 1933 was an American psychologist, best known for his controversial experiments on obedience conducted in the 1960s during his professorship at Yale.

His experiments clearly demonstrated that average citizens could be easily forced to obey directives that they thought were causing harm to others, up to and including their deaths. To learn more about the Milgram experiments this video provides an informative overview.

The entire trans edifice is built on the foundation of sand that is gender ideology. This posits that we can choose our sex at will (and even without a single medical consultation or “treatment”) our sex is what we declare it to be, regardless of our embodied reality.

One thing that men in womanface really hate is uppity women not accepting them as sisters. Trans is the ultimate performance art lifestyle because there is no off stage. To be trans is to be always “on”, but it really only works if there is continuous applause as I wrote about here.

At least four major court cases have been found in favor of women who were fired from their jobs because they refused to toe the trans party line that “trans women are women” or they had doubts about the wisdom of unquestioning affirmation of a gender identity in children.

Not content with male privilege in our patriarchal society, some men cheat their way to victory pretending to be women.

Here is list of at least eight men who shoved women off of being considered sufficiently distinguished to win an award designated for women:

This list is in no way comprehensive; nearly any women’s category of any competition, prize or award will include a natal male vying to win a place in the spotlight.

Milgram was right – people can be manipulated to harm others.

Well, the transgender community and trans rights allies may be fine with going along with the mutilation of children and the removal of all safeguarding for women that the trans agenda is built on, but when the day of reckoning comes about, I for one, will not let them get away with saying, “but I was just following orders”. The judges at Nuremberg rejected the “following orders” defense and we should not accept this either.

Source: Is Transgenderism Just the Milgram Experiment Hiding Behind a Veneer of “Kindness”?

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