IT’S WAY PAST TIME to decriminalise abortion in NSW

It’s taken more than a century of brave action by women to decriminalise abortion in NSW

Although these days, lots of information about how to access reproductive services including abortion at medical clinics is available on the internet, tonight some women will still go to bed knowing they want to terminate pregnancy but have neither the funds or support that they need. Until abortion services are available through public hospitals and clinics throughout NSW, abortion will still not be affordable and accessible to all. But decriminalisation is an essential first step.

Source: IT’S WAY PAST TIME to decriminalise abortion in NSW – Wendy Bacon

One thought on “IT’S WAY PAST TIME to decriminalise abortion in NSW”

  1. Yes time to decriminalise.
    But NOT with this bill.
    The word women is absent – we are pregnsnt person.
    Plus women aka pregnat persons are treated like commodities. We have no agency. No support services.
    Abortion could even happen against a woman‘s wish (eg if disabled, minor ).
    Lots of mistakes of describing ‚medical abortion‘.
    This bill can not be accepted by radical feminists.

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