J’Accuse…! New World Ōtaki vs. Phillippa Landy: From a Friend – Plain Sight – Sarah Henderson

As much of the country has now heard, nearly 63-year old grandmother Phillippa Landy has been officially trespassed from Ōtaki New World, after a transvestite called Melody* on the Lotto counter accused her of abusing him and shouted at her because he didn’t like the slogan on her t-shirt.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

My credentials for speaking on this matter are that I am a member of the same gender-critical volunteer organisation as Phillippa, i.e., Mana Wāhine Kōrero, International Ropu of Wāhine Māori and Whanaunga. 

Deciding to ban your customers from your shop because your staff are shouting at them for their clothes is pretty much the worst customer service I can imagine. I couldn’t make it up.

To paraphrase his whole letter, Mr. Mullins was regretful (he’s very kind), but after banning her he simply had had no choice; safety from words and ideas is essential for his staff and they were feeling unsafe and he takes that responsibility very seriously, their safety that is. He had to report her to the Police (where a trespass order comes from) for her thoughts and her clothes.

Phillippa was trespassed from New World Ōtaki because she is suspected of being a Terf.

She is a Terf. 

I am a Terf.

Many, many, thousands of women around the world are Terfs.

The word Terf was originally a derogatory term that some very stupid trans-rights activists and academics and some equally very eager transvestites like Mr. Melody, invented to describe a woman who believed both a) women should have rights, and b) in the indisputable fact that human beings come in two sexes: male and female – and always have done.

We also believe that stopping children from ever going through puberty and keeping them in stasis as immature lifelong medical patients and performing experimental surgery on their reproductive organs is evil homophobic eugenics, and we want to protect children from this as our number one priority, to the last child.

Source: J’Accuse…! New World Ōtaki vs. Phillippa Landy: From a Friend – Plain Sight – Sarah Henderson

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