Jason Evert: US chastity preacher talks at NSW schools.

Weeks ago, the name Jason Evert would have barely been known by many in Australia. Now, there’s a legion of parents who are banding together and calling for his scheduled talks at schools to be cancelled.

Jason Evert is a “Catholic husband, proud father, chastity speaker and author”. He’s in Australia currently, going on a tour of sorts where he speaks to mostly female students about chastity.

His talks were organised by the wider Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, whose schools span across Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and more.

Parents at one of these schools amassed over 700 petition signatures, calling for the event to be cancelled.

Following the subsequent media attention, Evert responded with some choice words… he’s referred to Sarah and other parents like her who criticised the scheduled compulsory talks as “witches”.

“Three of the chastity talks in high schools have been cancelled by parents and the ones who are taking credit for it are, no kidding, not making this up, are actually a group of witches!” he said in a video posted to X.

In a roundabout way he referred to himself or the Catholic Church (hard to tell which one) as a “Siberian tiger”, wondering why the “witches” bothered to try and compete.

Source: Jason Evert: US chastity preacher talks at NSW schools.

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