Judge Rules Australian Guideline for Treatment of ‘Transgender’ Youth Unlawful

AU — Sydney. The guideline used by all major Australian children’s hospital gender clinics for gaining informed consent before prescribing sex-hormones to children is unlawful, according to a ruling this month by a family court in Sydney.

In this case, the mother opposes hormonal and surgical intervention; the child lives with his father, who supports it. “Any treating medical practitioner seeing an adolescent under the age of 18 is not at liberty to initiate (puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones or trans surgery) without first ascertaining whether or not a child’s parents or legal guardians consent to the proposed treatment,” Judge Watts said.
Hormonal treatment — puberty blockers to stop natural hormones followed by hormones to encourage opposite-sex external characteristics — has the potential to make young people infertile, incapable of orgasm, and has unknown long-term effects on mental and physical health.

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