Just Admit You Don’t Care If We Die

Jessica Williams writes:

The ways in which girls and women are objectified, dismissed, neglected, harassed, silenced and abused seem to be endless. Girls and women have always been objectified in books, magazines, advertisements, tv shows and movies, and we have been overlooked and erased from our very own archived history. Black and Indigenous girls and women have suffered and have been erased even more so than white women.Our body parts are commodified. Archaic beliefs are held about our natural bodily functions, and unless you are a female, the full extent of the brutal truth about how girls and women are viewed, spoken about and treated has been hidden from you. This steady erosion of our humanness has created a world where, for the most part, we are treated like objects and not like living human beings.

Source: Just Admit You Don’t Care If We Die – J.K. Williams

One thought on “Just Admit You Don’t Care If We Die”

  1. It’s absolutely heart breaking but it’s true I’m beginning to believe that men don’t care if we die, as long as they don’t want to fuck us personally, see us as a personal sandwich maker OR are some kind of progeny to also be about them and carry on proof of their existence. I personally have not witnessed men stepping up out of the good ole boys club, to defend some random woman they witness being verbally assaulted, belittled, berated or even physically abused, online OR in real life. In my own life I’ve unfortunately been in more than one really abusive relationship and in public have watched as this person verbally berated me. Other men would watch with a stunned and quizzical look but couldn’t be bothered to step up and say ANYTHING. It’s shameful American men, you are failing! You are NOT brave, you are NOT virile, you are NOT masculine, you are MAN BOYS! ADOLESCENT CHILDREN.

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