Just Like FGM, Transgender Chest-Binding Is Barbaric

Why are trans activists attempting to bully The New York Times into submission for publishing an article that mentioned the drawbacks of chest binding?

Chest binding is akin to the practices of female genital mutilation and chest ironing, only instead of being implemented by parents seeking to disrupt their daughters’ sex lives, it is being undertaken by girls rebelling against the femaleness of their bodies. The more transgender ideology infiltrates culture, the more girls hear that to be female means to be ultra femme and that any form of female expression that deviates from that must be male. This is directly harming young people by giving the impression that the way they are is not good enough, and that they need to change their appearance to be acceptable.

Physically invasive treatments for the psychological problems of women and girls have been around for generations. What is new is having these girls speak out, having so willingly internalized a misogyny that would destroy women, and advocate for their right to self-harm with the approval of medical professionals and caregivers alike.

Source: Just Like FGM, Transgender Chest-Binding Is Barbaric

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