Kelly Wilkinson news: Mother-of-three pleaded for help.

Kelly Wilkinson, a 27-year-old mother-of-three, was found dead in her Gold Coast backyard on Tuesday morning after neighbours raised the alarm when they heard shouting.

When police arrived at the home in Spikes Court, Arundel, they found the woman’s burned body in what they described as “a very confronting scene”.

First responders also found Wilkinson’s three children, all under the age of nine, who police say may have witnessed their mother’s death. They are safe and have been taken into care.

Wilkinson’s estranged husband, Brian Earl Johnston, 34, was arrested just two blocks from the Arundel property, suffering burns to his hands.

Johnston, who is currently under police guard at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, has been charged with his wife’s alleged murder and breaching bail conditions.

In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, sister Danielle Carroll alleged that recently: “Kelly said, ‘I am scared for my life, I am scared for my children’s life. We are not safe.'”

“She was saying this to the police over and over and nothing was done. There was no support, there was no safeguard,” she added.

Her sister Natalie Wilkinson agreed, telling 7News: “I would drive her to the police station almost every day to make breaches and reports and still nothing.”

Source: Kelly Wilkinson news: Mother-of-three pleaded for help.

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