Killer, High-Risk Child Sexual Offender in Community Now Identifies as a Woman – Women Are Human

Patel also cannot be around any park, daycare, school, swimming pool or recreational centre unless another adult is present. At the time of Patel’s placement into the community, Vancouver Police issued a public warning and asked anyone who witnessed Patel violating any of these conditions to call 911 (the emergency telephone number in Canada).
In 2003, Patel was deported back to Canada after having been in jail in the US for various offences. Upon arriving in Canada, Patel killed Shelby Tracey Tom after discovering that Tom was not a woman, as Patel had thought.
Patel was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to nine years in prison, but had the sentence cut to four-and-a-half years after receiving credit for time served. BC Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm rejected a Crown application for the killing to be designated a hate crime, stating that Patel had not known of Tom’s sexual identity initially and thus could not have targeted Tom for this reason.
In January 2015, Patel – who was on probation at the time – sent an unsolicited email to a 13-year-old girl (known as NKJ), asking her “if she liked to party”. Patel lured NKJ and her friend to a motel, a place Patel was not permitted to stay, as per probation requirements. Patel supplied crystal methamphetamines to the two girls and then sexually assaulted NKJ.
A month later, Patel touched the buttocks of a 13-year-old girl who was shopping with her mother and brother in a supermarket. Patel was arrested and remained in custody until about March 3, 2015, when Patel was released on bail. Patel was required to abstain from drugs and alcohol and was prohibited “from leaving the recovery house except with the written permission of [Patel’s] probation supervisor and in the physical presence of an authorized representative”.
On March 15, Patel invited NKJ and her friend to the recovery house, provided directions on how to sneak in and offered NKJ crystal methamphetamine. Patel then sexually assaulted the girl while she was under the influence and incapacitated as a result.
In March 2018, Patel was declared a dangerous offender and ordered jailed for an indefinite period of time. However, in March 2020 Patel – who by this point was identifying as a woman – appealed the dangerous offender designation and the indeterminate sentence. The Court of Appeal for British Columbia overturned the designation and declared that a new dangerous offender hearing was required.

Source: Killer, High-Risk Child Sexual Offender in Community Now Identifies as a Woman – Women Are Human

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