Labor and the LNP wage war on women and girls | The Spectator Australia

The war on girls and women intensified last week with the Palaszczuk Labor government becoming the latest state to pass gender self-identification laws.


Biological males in Queensland can now identify as female, obtain a new birth certificate, and gain access to girls’ and women’s sex-segregated spaces.


No sex change operation is necessary.

The new laws, which passed Parliament on Wednesday, assist children to change genders even if their parents disagree.


‘I define a woman as someone who identifies as a woman. The Queensland government defines a woman as someone who identifies as a woman,’ former Minister for Women and now Health Minister Shannon Fentiman told Parliament.

This means a ‘woman’ in Queensland can have a penis.


Fentiman’s position and that of the Palaszczuk Labor government sits at odds with Prime Minister Albanese’s stated definition of a woman as an ‘adult human female’.


Labor doesn’t seem to know whether it is Arthur or Martha when it comes to defining womanhood.


While the Prime Minister gives this definition to journalists, it conflicts with Labor policy for taxpayer-funded sex change operations even for ‘young people’.


A disturbing aspect of the Queensland gender self-ID debate was the bipartisan support for the false claim that males identifying as females pose no risk to girls and women.

This was despite women’s groups supplying 17 pages of proof of harm.


Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon lost her job because of a public backlash against similar self-ID laws she was championing.


Yet the LNP Opposition in Queensland ran no public campaign against the bill and most Queenslanders would not have known the issue had been under discussion in recent months.

Source: Labor and the LNP wage war on women and girls | The Spectator Australia

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