Labor's promise to axe tampon tax just start of focus that should be on women this budget

Finally it’s happened. A major political party has pledged to stop taxing my period, and the periods of millions of Australian women on a monthly basis.
This is a breakthrough in Australian politics and signals that women could be more of a focus in the upcoming federal budget in May, particularly where it relates to tax and superannuation.
It also means that some politicians see tampons as a tax-free necessity, just like condoms – which are already free of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Labor now has the first mover advantage on a highly controversial women’s tax discrimination issue.
In looking at strategies to address some of the economic imbalances that affect Australian women, KPMG recommends further proactive policies are needed including:

  • paying the superannuation guarantee on Commonwealth Parental Paid Leave and applying it to workers’ compensation payments.
  • Amending the Sex Discrimination Act to ensure employers are able to make higher superannuation payments to women if they wish to do so.
  • Reviewing the Fair Work Act to determine the effectiveness of Equal Remuneration orders in addressing gender pay equity – including a less adversarial consideration of the undervaluing of women’s work.

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