Lesbians vs. Pedophiles: A Recent History

Forty years ago, lesbians booted pedos out of the gay rights movement. Is it time to do it again?

Last March, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association (known as ILGA in its short form) co-sponsored a declaration which included a demand for the reform of laws which limit the “recognition” of an adolescent’s “agency” to consent to sex.* An “adolescent,” by international standards, is a youth of 10-19 years of age.

This declaration, and its stuffed-in mandate, flew relatively under the radar, with very few activists groups or media outlets catching the sneaky addition buried on page 5 among a host of other, more reasonable, demands.

This is not the first time the ILGA has pushed to expand access to minors for sex. In fact, the last time such a thing had happened was in the 1990s, and the ILGA was expelled from its consultative status with a UN body for having ties to NAMBLA – the North American Man-Boy Love Association. NAMBLA is the oldest organized “pedophile rights” group in the world.

ILGA formally removed NAMBLA from its membership in 1994 – a shame it still carries to this day, evidenced by the maintenance of a statement on its official website condemning NAMBLA and pedophilia.

But the damage of association, across so many gay rights groups, had long since been done.

How much of this damage could have been mitigated had the gay rights community just listened to the lesbians – the women activists who had been throwing up red flags as early as the 1970s?

With the renewed inclusion of the amendments about “sexual liberation” for minors in the new ILGA declaration, history appears to be repeating itself only 40 years later. And, once again, it will no doubt fall to the women, the lesbians, to right the ship.

Source: Lesbians vs. Pedophiles: A Recent History

3 thoughts on “Lesbians vs. Pedophiles: A Recent History”

  1. Lesbians don’t represent women, girls and childtens rights. They only represent thier own sexual rights. They are separate from Women and Girls liberation and protection. They put thier own sexuality about Women’s right. This is why they supported LGBTQI+ causes above women and girls causes. So they made thier own bed, but they also put women, girls and children in a vunerable position. That’s because the didn’t support the women that were heterosexual eg mothers. They saw mothers as domestic fools, and they thought they were clever that they didn’t let men dominate thier lives with so called domestic slavery by converting to thier lesbian sexuality. But they aligned themselves with the kind of men that hate women, girls and children the most within the LGBTQI+ group, giving these traumatised men power. Lesbians have been a detrimental to the liberation and protection of women, girls and children. Maybe they should finally learn and de-associate themselves from sexual orientation groups, and start actually sticking up for women and girls. But that would mean that they would have to admit that thier philosophies are seriously flawed. They should start respecting heterosexual mothers and the men that value that, rather than gays, transwomen and paedophiles who have no love for mothers and thier children, who do not value and respect thier boundaries.

    1. I think all women, both lesbian and heterosexual, are frequently misled into forming allegiances with men who then betray their trust. We need to cut each other some slack and start working together rather wasting our energy fighting with each other.

      1. Everyone has to take responsibility for thier actions, otherwise nothing will be learnt and nothing will change. You can’t just sit there and blame liberal feminist for everything, and not acknowledge what you yourself have contributed to the problem. Only then we can truly work together and resolve the issue leading to a better outcome. But if your not going to change your attitude and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, then nothing Will change. Feminists (whatever type) should start valuing and respecting motherhood. Our species won’t exist without them.

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