Lindy Chamberlain’s infamous interview: The full story.

In October 1982, Lindy was convicted of murdering her little girl by slitting her throat. Her husband, Michael, was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

Media interest in the case was enormous, and people paraded outside the court wearing t-shirts that read: “The dingo is innocent”.

She was sentenced to life in prison, but served three years before Azaria’s matinee jacket, the existence of which police had refuted, was found partially buried near a dingo lair at Uluru. Courtesy of the new evidence, Lindy was released on remission and later pardoned and awarded $1.3 million in compensation from the Northern Territory government.

But it did little to reclaim the public’s favour.

An assumption was made about what a grieving parent looks like, and through Lindy’s infamous interview and other media appearances, many decided she didn’t fit. How could a bereaved mother appear so cold? Where are the tears?

Source: Lindy Chamberlain’s infamous interview: The full story.

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