Listening to What Trump’s Accusers Have Told Us

As for the possibility of pressing charges against Trump, that window had already closed by last year’s election for everyone except his ex-wife. In New York, there is no statute of limitations in rape cases. But Ivana signed a gag order in the divorce, which prevents her from talking about her marriage without Trump’s permission.’

There is a single ongoing piece of litigation against the President, a civil defamation suit lodged by Summer Zervos, the former “Apprentice” contestant, who alleges that Trump “aggressively” kissed her, groped her, and thrust his genitals at her.

A poll last October found that sixty-eight per cent of registered voters believed their stories. Only fourteen per cent believed that Trump had not made unwanted sexual advances toward women. So it’s not that we didn’t hear Trump’s accusers, or even that we didn’t believe them. We knew that they weren’t lying, and we elected him anyway. Our response when victims speak up now has to be shaped by the magnitude of that failure.

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