Male Killer Now Identifies as a Female Baby – Women Are Human

UK — Scotland. Sophie Eastwood, a male prisoner currently held in a women’s wing at HMP Polmont (Scotland’s national holding facility for male young offenders) now identifies as a baby and has demanded to be treated as one by prison staff. The demands include wearing diapers, having meals blended like baby food, and holding hands with prison officers when being escorted.

Eastwood, who was previously named Daniel Eastwood, was originally jailed as a male youth in 2004 for dangerous driving and was sentenced to 12 months at Dumfries Young Offenders’ Institution. A month before scheduled release, Eastwood strangled fellow prisoner Paul Algie with shoelaces and was subsequently jailed for life. Eastwood began identifying as a woman in January 2018 while serving time in Shotts prison, a prison for long term adult male offenders, and has been held in women-only units since that time.
Eastwood’s infantilist fetish is reminiscent of a man at Vancouver Island University who is alleged to have sexual harassed women on campus by forcing his paraphilic infantilism on them. The former Director of Human Rights at the university filed a human rights complaint because she believes the university did not take appropriate action to protect women on campus. Two female professors became so scared that one had her husband accompany her to her night classes, while the other began compulsively checking her locks at home and altered her appearance to seem less “maternal”.

Source: Male Killer Now Identifies as a Female Baby – Women Are Human

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