Male transgenderism is sexism on steroids | Josephine Bartosch | The Critic Magazine

As a diminutive woman with a high-pitched voice, I would be taken more seriously if I had a “man mode.” Were changing “sex” as simple as new clothes and pronouns I would switch into “man mode” in order to walk home alone at night, my “man mode” would kick in every time I needed to assert myself. Indeed, with “man mode” deployed my right to express potentially offensive views in articles like this would be respected without the snide insinuation that I am cruel; an accusation frequently levelled at women who dare not to publicly care.

With exquisite concision, feminist scholar Professor Sheila Jeffreys dubbed transgenderism a “men’s sexual rights movement.” She posits that it is women’s subordinate social status that some men with masochistic tendencies find arousing. Far from being a progressive step toward breaking down sexist stereotypes, the thrill men gain from identifying as the other sex, whether by being in “girl mode” or having surgery, depends upon men maintaining their dominant status in society. In essence, male transgenderism is invested in the erotization of women’s subordinate social position; it is sexism on steroids.

Today, the law and civil society facilitate the delusions of fetishists, punishing those who refuse to accept a sexual performance as evidence of an individual’s true and authentic self. But ultimately men like Izzard are no more female than Sun Ra was from Saturn.

Source: Male transgenderism is sexism on steroids | Josephine Bartosch | The Critic Magazine

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