Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire

Martine Rothblatt, born in 1954 is an exceedingly accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer. As the founder of United Theraputics, he was the top earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry. He identifies as a transsexual and transhumanist and has written extensively on the connections between the two.

The normalization of disembodiment has already been institutionalized and deeply imbedded in the marketplace. Children are being used in experiments both psychological and medical which are dissociating them from their bodies. Their schools have become indoctrination farms, the largest international law firm in the world has been recruited to help with legal construction of the “transgender child” and more than fifty clinics have arisen in the US alone in the past ten years to manipulate their puberty and hormones, setting them down a life-long path of medicalization at a time when we have never been more set apart from each other by our machines. The jig is up on this purported “human rights movement.” If we want to hold fast to our humanity, there is no time to waste. We are in the eleventh hour and must end this tech-driven, hubristic flight from flesh, mortality and nature.

Source: Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire

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