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Melbournians stuck in traffic on the frequently congested Punt Road would have seen an exciting billboard last week. ‘Fair Sport for women. No men in women’s sports!’ It was put out by new grassroots organisation, Women’s Rights Network Australia (WRNA). And it’s timely.

An estimated 4.17 million Australians tuned in to watch the Matildas’ epic, nail-biting, shootout against France.

But would the Matildas have won against France if France had five men on their team and one of those men was the goalie? Unlikely. WRNA have taken the opportunity to point out that every major sporting organisation in Australia allows men to compete as women.

Sports ministers who have said and done nothing in defence of girls and women are complicit in the destruction of women’s sports.

I’ve now asked directly whether the Minister for Sports supports biological males competing in women’s sports. No response. The majority of Australians don’t support men in women’s sports, so I imagine that figure to be similar amongst MPs. Who will be the first Labor MP to break rank and say what they really think?

I encourage all Australians to take 10 minutes out of your day, go to the WRNA website and do what I’ve done – email the Minister for Sports and tell him you don’t support this.

Source: Matildas wouldn’t stand a chance against men | The Spectator Australia

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