McIver’s Ladies Baths: Sydney pool cops heat for transgender rule

A popular women’s only pool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is facing a backlash after saying that transgender customers would only be allowed in if they’ve had gender reassignment surgery.

However, there appeared to be some support for the pool management amid a wave of criticism.

“Thank you for upholding the rights of women and girls,” one commenter wrote.

“Many thanks McIver’s. Women and girls value the opportunity to have spaces that are for women and girls only. These spaces are rare and it hurts no one,” added another.

Only women and children are allowed into the baths.

Source: McIver’s Ladies Baths: Sydney pool cops heat for transgender rule

One thought on “McIver’s Ladies Baths: Sydney pool cops heat for transgender rule”

  1. “Topless swimming and sunbaking is allowed; though we do ask that patrons are considerate of their environment and the comfort levels of people around them.”
    I imagine that some of those men (who pretend to be women) will be really pleased about this. The men who self-identify as transgender continually attempt to invade all Women’s spaces. This highlights their male socialisation around gender power issues, their absolute lack of lived experience as a biological Woman, & their obvious inability to empathise with the fact that biological Women often desire safe space – away from the proximity of predatory males. The stats confirm that the sexual offending of men who self-identify as ‘transgender’ is the same as biological males.

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