Media Mentions

Trans women allowed to enter NSW Woman of the Year awards, Daily Telegraph, 8 September 2021

Why single-sex spaces are a battlefield for transgender rights, The Age (&SMH), 28 August 2021

Eleventh-hour bid to save women’s charity, Sky News, 18 August 2021.

ABS on a gender bender, The Daily Telegraph, 13 August 2021

Biological Sex in Sydney, The Critic, 3 August

EXPOSED: City of Sydney evicts legal service for vulnerable women and girls for holding biological sex matters, The Spectator, 30 July 2021.

Women’s charity given boot over claim biological sex is real, Daily Telegraph, 28 July 2021.

City of Sydney serves Eviction Notice to Transphobic Feminist Legal Clinic, Star Observer, 27 July 2021

Feminist Legal Clinic evicted for posting anti-trans websites, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 July 2021.

“You can kill nan, unless she identifies as a man”, Daily Telegraph, 24 July 2021, p15.

City of Sydney Council evicts legal service for vulnerable women and girls,  Women’s Forum Australia, 12 July 2021.

WHRC Open Letter and new website, The War on Women, 27 June 2021.

God bless Terf Island! The situation is still bad in Australia, though, The Glinner Update, 27 June 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney women’s charity stripped of council grant over transgender views, Sky News Australia, 25 June 2021.

Sydney Lord Mayor downgrades Feminist Legal Clinic, Sky News Australia, 24 June 2021.

Sydney Council to Terminate Feminist Legal Clinic’s Lease, The War on Women, 23 June 2021

Interview with Beth Matthews on Radical Philosophy on 3CR Community Radio, 15 May 2021.

Four years of Women Write Wiki, Wikimedia, 15 March 2021.

The Trajectory of an anti-LGBT Conspiracy Theory,  Trans Safety Network, 11 April 2021.

Lesbian vs Pedophiles: A Recent History, 4W, 9 April 2021

Allow children as young as 10 to consent to sex – LGBT NGO, RIPT, 6 April 2021.

Unionise to get to your kids, Kellie-Jay Keen, You Tube, 2 April 2021.

Feminism co-opted to remove child protection, The War on Women, 1 April 2021

A piece of the PIE, The Glinner Update, 31 March 2021.


UK court bans use of puberty blockers for children under 16, Top Most Popular, 6 December 2020 (Anna Kerr is significantly and outrageously misquoted in this article).

“Pause button”: rules reset on children’s gender transition, The Sun Herald, 6 December 2020.

Roving Spotlight, Radio Skid Row, 10 November 20.

Barbary on ABC RN Life Matters Talkback, 2 November 2020 (also here)

Maya Forstater on Twitter

Pay Up, Buttercup, Kellie-Jay Keen (Posie Parker), 9 September 2020

Free Speech in Play over Women’s Sport, The Australian, 11 September 2020.

Woman Fined For ‘Liking’ ‘Offensive’ Facebook Comments About Transgender-Identifying Activist, Women are Human, 10 September 2020

Newsreader is ordered to pay Australia’s first transgeder solider $10,000 for liking ‘offensive’ Facebook comments that wrongly branded her ‘a male bully’, Daily Mail, 9 September 2020.

Canberra Radio News Reader Beth Rep told to pay transgender activist Bridget Clinch $10,000 compensation for discrimination, ABC News, 8 September 2020

Why is surrogacy illegal in most of the world? Dissident Voice, 11 July 2020.

MP Amanda Stoker taking fight to transgender activists, The Australian, 29 January 2020


How you will soon be able to sue prostitutes for poor performance and why brothels could be built in ‘every suburb’ under dramatic changes to sex laws, Daily Mail, 27 November 2019.

Unhappy NT sex worker clients can sue, The Australian, 27 November 2019.

I am woman – hear me roar, Gudrun Wilcocks, Justinian, 19 October 2019.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt – A three part podcast investigating the laws and issues surrounding sexual assault in the criminal justice system in NSW, Oliviana Smith Lathouris, 17 October 2019

Women’s Family Law Support Service may end after NSW Government cuts funding, Nour Haydar, ABC News, 15 June 2019

NSW Government rejects pleas to extend funding for the NSW Family Law Support Service , Nour Haydar reports on ABC News NSW, 14 June 2019

Australian Women’s Party is run by a Man, Binary Australia, 3 May 2019

This Candidate who “Loves being a Bloody Woman” says the Daily Tele gave her “Free Publicity”, BuzzFeed News, 3 May 2019

Feminist rift after transgender activists starts women’s party, Daily Telegraph 3 May 2019

Why feminists need to hold men to account in this, Daily Telegraph, 3 May 2019

Women’s groups call on PM Morrison and Bill Shorten to support Parliamentary Inquiry into transgender laws, Tasmanian Times, 7 March 2019.

“It helps them feel better”: shaming and sharing bad dates online, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 March 2019


Bores in Cold War on Xmas Classic, Daily Telegraph, 7 December 2018.

Transgender laws may be relaxed in NT, drawing criticism from “radical feminist”, ABC News, 25 November 2018.

NSW Protestors oppose Zoe’s Law, The Advertiser, 15 November 2018 (Bashi Hazard from FLC at 1.30 in video clip).

Protestors call for choice, not special laws for foetuses, Green Left Weekly, 16 November 2018.

“Sexism” is being blamed for the “over-incarceration of women” in Australia, Whim, 11 September 2018.

Professor and solicitor say sexist cops and judges are to blame for the rise in women arrested for violent crime – NOT the criminals themselves, Daily Mail, 11 September 2018.

Criminal case of gender bias, Daily Telegraph, 11 September 2018 (front page and p11)

No “Happy Mother’s Day” for mothers whose children have been removed– Interview with Darelle Duncan on 2SM, Sunday 13 May 2018. Listen here and here.

ALHR: Government must do more to protect reproductive rights, Lawyers Weekly,
22 March 2018

Why do women over 50 have trouble getting a job?Talking Lifestyle Radio, 12 March 2018


NT Royal Commission: Human Rights Lawyers Slam Treatment of Girls in Juvenile Detention, ALHR, 24 November 2017

Women and Girls’ Rights Subcommittee Newsletter, ALHR, June 2017 – WGR June_July_2017_ Newsletter

Citizenship changes may force migrant women to stay in abusive relationships, refuges warn, SMH, 26 July 2017

Anna Kerr career 101, LSJ July 2017

Steering Committee to fight for restoration of women’s refuge services, Wingham Chronicle,  12 June 2017

Restore our Refuge– Community Forum, Taree RSL & Golf Club, 8 June 2017 – reported in Manning River Times,  2 June 2017.

Lawyer sets record straight on NSW crime of abortion, Lawyers Weekly, 30 May 2017.

Podcast: Time warp, Lawyers Weekly, 19 May 2017

Women and Girls’ Rights Subcommittee Newsletter, ALHR, May 2017 – WGR Newsletter_May 2017

Letter signed by gun control advocates calls for “unbiased” review of law, The Guardian, 25 October 2016  (FLC listed as signatory).