Men assault and kill children because they are angry with women, while others escape conviction by claiming girl consented to violent sexual assault

Crown says B.C. father who stabbbed his daughters to death on Christmas Day, had a series of complaints about the how the girls’ mother had treated him

Jennings said the girls’ mother, Sarah Cotton, went to the Oak Bay police detachment on Dec. 25, 2017, after the father failed to return their daughters by noon as required by a court order.

She said police went to his apartment and found six-year-old Chloe Berry and four-year-old Aubrey Berry dead, lying on beds in separate bedrooms with multiple stab wounds to their bodies.

Berry was treated in hospital and underwent surgery to repair a serious injury to his throat or neck, she said. While in hospital, he never once mentioned his daughters or asked how they were doing, Jennings said.  Instead, she said, he had a series of complaints about his parents and the girls’ mother, and how they had treated him.

Man Who Threw Child Off Mall Balcony Was Upset Women Rejected Him

A man accused of throwing a 5-year-old boy off the third-floor balcony of Minnesota’s iconic Mall of America last week told police he was furious that women repeatedly rejected him, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

Rough sex between girl and three males was consensual, judge rules

Justice Scott Brooker said he didn’t believe the girl’s evidence that she didn’t consent to having sex with the males, two of whom were adults on trial before the Court of Queen’s Bench judge.

The youth, who can’t be named, pleaded guilty to sexual assault for his involvement in the group sex.

At the time of his sentencing, youth court Judge Richard O’Gorman — who viewed two segments of the video recordings — had a different view of the conduct, calling it a “prolonged, brutal and vicious assault.”

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