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Trans activists and their media outlets have long been keen to smear women with far-right affiliations. Just discussing the issue makes them frenzied with accusations. For the overwhelming majority of women in the UK, this smear has no truth.

On Sunday, 18 September the group “Standing for Women” organised an open rally in Brighton to discuss women’s rights. The group is led by Kellie-Jay Keen. Her “Let Women Speak” events are touring the UK and aim to give a platform to predominantly women, and some men, on the issue of women’s rights and the threat to those rights from trans activism.

Recent “Standing For Women” events have seen unpleasant and aggressive protests from trans activist thugs in black military style outfits and masks. These misogynist men are determined to silence women’s voices about the clash between women’s rights and ever increasing demands by trans activists.

Keen’s current catchphrase is “I. Never. Lose.”, but many feminist women fear we will collectively lose the women’s movement if it becomes a convenient tool of far-right men. On one side of the fence are aggressive men screaming “fascist” at women who are clearly not. On the other side, skulking in the shadows, beneath the banners of women, are men who clearly are.

If far-right activists invade the women’s movement from the shadows, they will drag it into the shadows of political obscurity. The far-right has always looked for causes with which to gain political traction and remain relevant.

Keep your eyes peeled, women. This movement is not for rent to fascist men. This is our opportunity to follow our Olympian weightlifting sisters and say, “No, thank you.”

Source: Men of the far-right and the women’s movement | Jean Hatchet | The Critic Magazine

3 thoughts on “Men of the far-right and the women’s movement | Jean Hatchet | The Critic Magazine”

  1. Aren’t KJK’s events held in public spaces?
    In that case, how would KJK or any other woman attending the events be in a position to ban anybody?
    If they are expected to successfully ban and remove Far Right men from their events, should they also be expected to ban those violent transactivist men?

    1. Of course women should object to be enlisted with right-wing males, since for those males women are nothing more than not-males!

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