Men who abuse women ‘use the same tactics as pedophiles and I’ve never met one who wanted to change’, says author of How He Gets in her Head

“The male intimate abuser actually follows exactly the same tactics as the pedophile. The initial thing is that they would select the same type of target… the people who were being abused were always kind people, the type of people who would put others before themselves. It’s done in a way which gets her to take responsibility and take the blame when things go wrong between them.”

Domestic violence services are reluctant to refer perpetrators to men’s behaviour change programs because it is not clear what they do, researchers have found. Research leader Dr Peter Lucas said the team had originally set out to examine the outcomes of men’s programs but found there was not any documentation to study.
(ed: and there are anecdotal reports that the biggest concern is that these programs result in perpetrators becoming more sophisticated with their abuse.)

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