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Things are looking dire for women in Queensland… This week, Queensland’s Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman (who is also the state’s Attorney-General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence), took to social media to decry a sticker placed on a sign outside her office. The sticker included the word woman, and its definition: adult human female.

According to the Minister, ‘For some people in our community, these stickers represent much more – they represent a movement which discriminates against [transgender people] and denies their existence.’


‘I want to be very clear – I don’t stand for these sort of views, our community doesn’t stand for these views, and Queenslanders don’t stand for these views,’ added the Minister.


So, the Minister for Women ‘doesn’t stand for the definition of woman’, which, as the Minister for Women, she finds offensive?


It’s like we’re living in an alternate universe.

How does the Minister know someone is identifying as a woman if she can’t define what a woman is? How can she represent women if she doesn’t know who they are?

The Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill will allow anyone to change their legal sex on their birth certificate and enable men to self-identify as women and access female-only activities, spaces, and services, including sports, prisons, changing rooms, and refuges. It also erodes safeguards for vulnerable children and puts at risk the freedom of speech and conscience of all Queenslanders.

Source: Minister for women rejects definition of a woman | The Spectator Australia

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  1. The movement cannot exist without invalidating women. The movement is designed to crush women. The incel movement has infiltrated the trans movement. They’re called Transmaxxers, and they have a manifesto on line. I don’t know what they think the end game of all this is? Jailing people who don’t agree with their alternative realities? The only people standing in the way of peace, are the politicians and the neo trans movement. Women should be able to coexist with them, but they have made it impossible. They clearly want war.

    1. War.

      Yes. You are right.

      There is no end to the ‘trans rights’ attempts to gain lebensraum at the expense of real women’s spaces. That a ‘man’ would want to gain that is so perverse it’s hard to understand. It is not ‘natural’. It does not happen in any other species.

      The only way to solve this is to put clear boundaries in place based on scientific definitions which are universal except to this little bunch of misfits.

      That we have no political leadership with the courage to do this is a tragedy. And I speak for both the left and right sides of politics. The word ‘progressive’ has become synonymous with this plague.

      Pescutto and Fentiman being classic examples of both.

      When the generation who have been so heavily indoctrinated by our so called ‘education’ system come of age they will be our new leaders and the future does not appear hopeful at all.

      I fear they will be like the Hitler Youth. For years NAZI Germany indoctrinated the children of Germany and when they came of age they were the true fanatics.

      As part of our needed war an overhaul of the education system is a priority, all the way from kinder to university.

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